Novoflex unveils Canon EF electronic adapter for Leica SL

Novoflex has introduced its new SL-EOS adapter which allows around 30 Canon EF lenses to be used with the Leica SL mirrorless camera.

The new Novoflex SL-EOS adapter allows certain Canon EF lenses and teleconverters to be used on the Leica SL, with support for several functions including autofocus.

The adapter transmits focal distance and aperture EXIF data. Also, the adapter has an AF/MF mode, and supports autofocus, aperture control, and depth of field indication. However, the adapters can work fine with “around 30” Canon EF lenses and teleconverters image stabilization is not supported.

Novoflex SL-EOS adapter for Leica SL Camera


This is an electronic adapter “Made in Germany” that supports autofocus, aperture control and also has AF/MF mode, depth of field indication and EXIF data transmission (for aperture and focal length only).

The SL-EOS adapter is currently listed on Novoflex’s website for $555. In the US Novoflex products can also be found at Amazon store.

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