Fujifilm X100F will be the X100T successor camera

Fujifilm is allegedly working on a new X100T successor camera. It is rumored to be named as Fujifilm X100F.

The X100 series will gain another member soon. A lot of peopled speculated that the Japanese company will launch a successor at Photokina 2016. There is a not much chance that this will be happening, but, Fuji lovers can wait for the early 2017 for good surprises.

Fujifilm X100T is the top X-series compact camera announced back in 2015. Now the successor model is in the talks as the new camera will not be named Fujifilm X200 as previously rumored. It will be called Fujifilm X100F.

Update : New Fujifilm X100F specs and details leaked

Fujifilm X100F to be announced in 2017

According to recent rumors the name will be Fujifilm X100F. The premium compact camera will have an APS-C-sized image sensor.  The “F” designation in the name is speculating to be the fourth model in the series.

Fujifilm X100F will be the X100T successor camera

The current Fujifilm X100 line consists of three models. The X100X100S and X100T features the same Fujinon 23mm F2 fixed lens.

An earlier rumor said that the Fujifilm X100T replacement will feature a wider lens. However, this information is likely false because a highly-reliable insider is claiming that the device will have a 23mm lens, which will offer a full-frame equivalent of approximately 35mm.

The successor of the X100T was rumored to be announced at Photokina 2016. Fuji had to deal with a shortage of X-Trans III sensor because of Kumamoto earthquake in Japan. So they decided to first focus on the Fujifilm X-T2.

Rumored Specifications

Now let’s have a look at the combined specs leaked so far. Both for X200 and X100F.

  • 24MP sensor of the X-Pro2
  • A new bright 23mm (35mm equiv.) lens
  • Faster autofocus system
  • Enhanced hybrid viewfinder with better EVF refresh rate
  • Digital converter 35/50
  • Tilt screen

Fujifilm X100F digital camera to be announced in early 2017. Stay tuned with us and we’ll give more information about this exciting camera.

  • freediverx

    Any chance they will replace the useless shutter speed dial with one to control the ISO?

    • bluemberg

      useless shutter speed dial? do you actually have a clue about taking pictures? do you own X100 in any of its iterations? they better keep it roughly as is, not even tilt screen is needed, there are tons of tilt-screened cameras to pick from, X100 was never to compete with them

      • Mo

        Tilt screen is what I am looking for. Tilt screen would be the best option for street photography. Looking for it on new X100T

        • bluemberg

          How is tilt screen going to help you with street photography, instant snaps and tilt don’t seem to mend well, surely there might be cases when a low angle shot would accommodate such a feature. My problem is that tilt screen adds bulk and weight and I’m an old school and loving X100T because it “requires” old way of thinking (or at least can be used as any old rangefinder).

    • minimalist1969

      While I would love to have a ISO dial added to the x100F the shutter dial is hardly “useless”. ISO is probably the least used aspect of the exposure triangle ion cameras, especially with digital sensors being so much cleaner than film ever was on high ISO’s. I like having it there on my xT1 but if space was as at a premium it would be the dial I would drop first and just map it to one of the mult-iuse scroll wheels.

  • bluemberg

    digital 35/50 converter? what the heck is that? keep the auxiliary lenses as per original, they work great, they improve handling too and they do provide optical path to different focal lengths, digital conversion I can do in post processing

    the only think I’m missing (if I can say that) is a 24 mpx sensor, that’s it, and I would upgrade firmware with some additional options, some allowing user annotations to exif data more than anything, and more recording options for each frame (like RAW + B&W + Color Simulation all at once)

    • minimalist1969

      I would think its something like what the Leica Q does with showing crop marks for 35 and 50mm focal lengths on the 28mm viewfinder (in optical viewfinder mode and maybe and actually zoomed view in EVF mode). With a 24mp sensor a little cropping wouldn’t hurt. I could see myself using it on occasion.

      • bluemberg

        My point is that I can do croppping in post and see no need to effect digital cropping in camera. Add on lenses are different and I like them both.

        The more I shoot X100T the more I appreciate how it is set up, and the more little quirks pop here and there, but virtually all could be firmware fixed. Not counitng on Fuji bringing it into the T, but I just love manual focus. Too bad it isn’t true focusing ring with limited throw and a little grip tab on it like the old good rangefinders had.

        • minimalist1969

          I love my x100S as well. But I like to compose in camera not after the fact with a crop. It’s not like you would have to enable the digital 35/50 convertor. It would only be there for people who want it. Everyone else could crop in post. The end result would be the same. A few less pixels in the image.

          • bluemberg

            So for composition you would just need frames in finder, which is to me not the same as “converter” which again is a waste of resources. For example if they could put a manual flipper/toggle switch to allow for 35/50 mm “crop” and better yet by graying out or dimming image in finder outside of such a crop, I’d be all for it

  • T N Args

    Not yet an X100 owner (but will be), so speaking as a window shopper my wish would be for ultrafast startup (perhaps the OVF instantly if the EVF needs more time), more efficient energy use (perhaps combined with a more advanced/pricey battery), USB charging without opening a door, and OIS as long as the lens is minimally enlarged.

  • Mo

    Tilt screen on X100T should be the next upgrade.

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  • Ken Clark

    Personally I don’t care much about a tilt screen, but a sensor and lens upgrade along with an ISO dial would be all I need to trade up from my 100s.