Panasonic GH5 vs Sony A6500 – Comparison

Here’s a comparison of two mirrorless cameras, the Panasonic GH5 vs Sony A6500.

This specs comparison table between these two high-end cameras will tell you the differences of both. The first one is the sensor size. The Panasonic GH5 has a smaller sensor than the Sony A6500. The a6500 has a larger APS-C sensor and hence bigger sensors are intend to capture more light and deliver better image quality.

Both cameras can shoot 4K footage. The Panasonic GH5 can shoot at 60fps with no recording time limit. The A6500 remains limited to 4K Mode @ 30 frames per second. The GH5 has the ability to shoot 10bit 4:2:2 video up to 4K @ 30fps internally to the SD card. … Continue reading

Olympus working on 8K video and handheld high-resolution mode

Olympus is working on 8K video and handheld high-resolution mode for future Micro Four Thirds cameras.

In an interview with French publication Focus Numerique (google translation here), Olympus executives revealed that image sensor with 8K video support Handheld High Resolution mode will be coming to future Micro Four Thirds cameras.

In the same interview Mr. Watanabe suggests that Olympus might be working on its own version of a Bluetooth-based app, the likes of which has recently been implemented by Nikon. … Continue reading

Rumors : Sony A9 to Feature 20fps, Fast AF, Low MP, Price $6000

More rumors about the Sony A9 E-mount mirrorless camera has been leaked on the web.

The next generation full-frame mirrorless camera from Sony will be a giant leap.

According to recent reports, Sony A9 will feature 20fps continuous shooting speed with fast AF. The sensor will be brand new but the resolution is a big question in mind. It is claimed that the device will come packed with a low resolution one.

Sony already registered a new camera with the code name “WW361847″. This camera is expected to be the upcoming Sony A9 or A7III full-frame E-mount models. More details after the break! … Continue reading

Sony A6500 Firmware Update Version 1.02 Released

Sony has released a new firmware update version 1.02 for Alpha A6500 mirrorless camera.

Firmware update ver1.02 for Sony A6500 improves overall stability and operability of the left side of the PMCA (PlayMemories Camera Apps) keyboard during touch panel operation.

The mid-range mirrorless from Sony camera has a price for $1,400 at Amazon stores. See also Best lenses for Sony A6500 mirrorless camera. … Continue reading

Olympus released E-M1 Mark II firmware update version 1.1

Olympus has released a new firmware update for the OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera.

The firmware update version 1.1 E-M1 Mark mft camera simply improves stability of RAW file formation.

The camera has 121 cross-type AF on-sensor phase detection points with a new algorithm that is better at tracking. The flagship Micro Four Thirds shooter can also record 4K video with a wider aspect ratio ‘DCI’ Cinema 4K at up to 236mbps. It sports a truly fast 60 fps continuous shooting rate with an electronic and 15 fps with a mechanical shutter. … Continue reading

Hasselblad Announces 4 New Lenses for Mirrorless X1D: XCD 3.5/120mm macro

Hasselblad has announced that they will release four new lenses in one year period for its X1D mirrorless camera. The first lens to arrive will be the XCD 3.5/120mm model.

The XCD 120mm F3.5 macro lens offers a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:2 and a minimum object distance of 43cm, as measured from the image plane.

Like the other XCD lenses, XCD 120mm Macro lens has an integral central shutter offering a wide range of shutter speeds and full flash synchronization up to 1/2000th of a second.

The lens uses 10 elements in 7 groups and an internal floating focusing mechanism. It will weigh 970g and will measure 150mmx81mm. … Continue reading

CamFi Announces Wireless Camera Controller for SonyCameras

CamFi 3.0 announced and it adds wireless tether support for Sony cameras.  The app allows the users to remote control Sony camera with iPad or laptop via Wifi, transmits the photos to the client devices as they are taken.

CamFi 3.0 supports both raw and jpeg image file formats. It also supports live view for Sony cameras. That way, a photographer can see the live view of the camera, change the ISO, shutter speed and aperture and shoot remotely.

Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7 II, a7R II, a6000, a6300 and a5100 are currently supported with additional Sony camera support coming in the future says CamFi support page. Both MTP and PC Remote modes are supported; users can select their preferred mode in the camera’s ‘USB Connection’ menu. … Continue reading

Fujifilm X100F first impression reviews

Here are the Fujifilm X100F first impression reviews and several samples after its officially announced.

The fourth-generation X100F features a 24.3-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS III image sensor. The sensor offers a native base ISO of 200 up to ISO 12,800.

The AF system has also been revamped. The number of focusing points has been expanded from 49 in previous models to 91 (up to 325 points). Download the X100F User’s Manual from here. … Continue reading

SLR Magic 8mm f/4 MFT lens offcially announced

SLR Magic 8mm f/4 mft lens officially announced for Micro Four Thirds system cameras.

SLR Magic claims their new wide angle lens is perfect for interior photography, as well as architectural and landscape cinematography and photography.  The wide-angle lens offers a 16mm focal lenght in 35mm format. It is ideal for aerial photography as well as multi-camera setup 360 VR.

The SLR Magic 8mm f/4 lens price stands at $349 (check availability). It will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers from March 2017. … Continue reading

Kowa Prominar 90mm f/2.5 MFT lens is in the works

Designed for Micro Four Thirds system cameras, Kowa Prominar 90mm f/2.5 lens is in development. The prototype of the high-definition macro lens has been on display at CP+ 2017 show.

The lens will provide a 35mm focal length equivalent of 180mm when mounted on MFT cameras. It offers a f/2.5 brightness and macro telephoto function minimum focus distance of 0.1m.

The MFT lens lienup of Kowa Prominar series consists of three models. They are the 8.5mm f/2.8, 12mm f/1.8, 25mm f/1.8 prime models.  … Continue reading