Panasonic GH5 camera images leaked online

First Panasonic GH5 camera images has been leaked online ahead of the official announcement.

The high-end mirrorless product from Panasonic will be unveiled on January 4th at the CES 2017 event. The price will stand around $1,999 mark just like the OM-D E-M1II.

If you find the price tag expensive, than refer to the specs we know so far. Exciting! As you can see the press images also unveils the new Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 MFT lens.  … Continue reading

Latest Sony A6500 reviews roundup

In this article, we are trying to summarize the latest Sony A6500 reviews on many different internet sites.

The Sony A6500 features the new touchscreen LCD and 5-axis image stabilization technology. The successor to the A6300 and the new flagship when it comes to E-mount mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensors. The front-end LSI delivers quicker image processing. As a result, the device shoots up to 11fps in continuous mode for up to 307 frames.

Let’s not go any further and let’s take a look at the latest Sony A6500 reviews published recently.  … Continue reading

Metabones Smart Adapter IV Firmware Update 0.54 Announced

Metabones announes a new firmware update for its Smart Adapter IV and EF-E Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x products.

The version 0.54 upgrade fixes issues with Tamron lenses. Also adds an option in Metabones App to enable the use of Digital Zoom in Advanced mode.

This Smart Adapter has the electronic aperture, EXIF, image stabilization and autofocus features. True electronic integration of aperture diaphragm lets camera automatically choose aperture in P or S exposure modes.

More information about the Metabones firmware update version 0.54 which the stability also improved.  … Continue reading

Panasonic GF9 specs leaked ahead of the launch event

Panasonic is allegedly announce the new GF-series mirrorless camera soon. Full Panasonic GF9 specs has been surfaced on the web prior to the announcement.

The mirrorless camera is most likely coming in the beginning of January, 2017. It would not be a surprise if it becomes official on January 6 starting of the CES event.

The Japan-based company will market this Micro Four Thirds camera as a selfie-friendly model. GF9 specs will include a 16-megapixel image sensor, 3-inch tilting touchscreen and full HD video recording. … Continue reading

5 Most Popular Micro Four Thirds Lenses

Want to buy a new lens for your mirrorless system camera, but you can not decide which one to get? Here are the 5 most popular Micro Four Thirds lenses for recommendation.

Although most loyal MFT system users know very well, it is useful to repeat some information for new users. Micro Four Thirds system has a 2x crop factor, so we’ve included the 35mm equivalent in the specs as a point of reference.

One of the first things to do when buying a new lens is to do internet surveys or the advice of the people around us. Taking a look at what people buy is a good way to see what works the best for the majority of photographers out there. Our picks of popular Micro Four Thirds lenses below cover the leading models from Olympus and Panasonic. … Continue reading

New Panasonic Leica DG f/2.8-4.0 MFT zoom lenses coming in 2017

Panasonic is allegedly working on more MFT zoom lenses. New Leica DG f/2.8-4.0 Micro Four Thirds lenses are expected to be seen in the first half of 2017.

The company will focus on lenses aimed at high-end products in 2017. The trio of Leica DG lenses consists of 8-18mm wide-angle, 12-60mm standart zoom and 50-200mm telephoto zoom models. All optics will provide f/2.8 and f/4 aperture through out the zoom range.

The new flagship video-centric Panasonic GH5 camera launch date is January 2017. More details after the break! … Continue reading

ZY Optics releases the Mitakon 20mm f/2 4.5X Super Macro Lens

ZY Optics has released the Mitakon 20mm f/2 4.5X super macro lens for full-frame cameras.

The optic offers a maximum magnification ratio of 4.5:1. This gives the opportunity to fill the frame of a 35mm-sized camera with objects four and a half times smaller than the camera’s sensor. Photographer’s can focus as close as 20cm with the lens.

The Mitakon 20mm f/2 4.5X Super Macro lens comes in Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE, Sony Alpha, Pentax K, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds, Fuji X mounts.  … Continue reading

Olympus releases E-M1 firmware version 4.3 update

Olympus released a the new E-M1 firmware version 4.3 update. The new version fixes with the bugs found on the 4.2 firmware.

We recommend Micro Four Thirds users to skip the 4.2 and update from 4.1 to 4.3. Moving directly to E-M1 firmware version 4.3 is a straight forward solution to bypass the previous bugs.

If you would like to know the changes see below. The camera had bugs with HDR shooting, Focus Stacking, hand-held starlight, or keystone composition while record view is set to Off.  … Continue reading

First Leica M10 specs leaked on the web

First Leica M10 specs has been surfaced on the web. The upcoming full-frame camera will have a new 24-megapixel image sensor.

According to the recent leak, Leica M10 specs will include a 24MP full-frame sensor, MAESTROII image processing engine. The camera will also have 5fps continuous shooting speed.

The official announcement of the camera should take place on January 18, 2017. More buzz after the break! … Continue reading

Meyer-Optik Releases Nocturnus 50mm F0.95 II lens

Meyer-Optik USA has announced the Nocturnus 50mm F0.95 II manual-focus lens for the Sony E-Mount cameras.

The  super fast bright prime lens is optimized for use with full-frame image sensors, but also works with APS-C cameras.

The lens construction consists of ten elements in seven groups and a near-circular iris diaphragm with fifteen steel aperture blades. The manufacturer says the 15 aperture blades with anti-reflective coating create a pleasant bokeh with circular highlights. … Continue reading