Fujifilm XF 23mm f/2 WR lens rumored to be unveiled for Photokina

Fujifilm is rumored to unveil the XF 23mm f/2 WR lens before the Photokina 2016 event.

As mentioned earlier that the company has listened to its fans and the Fujifilm is actively working on a 23mm wide-angle prime optic. Now the trusted sources are claiming that the Fujifilm XF 23mm f2 WR lens will become official at the Photokina 2016 event.

Looks like this Summer then the lens will be compatible with all X-mount cameras. XF 23mm f/2 WR lens will have a maximum aperture of f/2. It will provide a full-frame focal length equivalent of 35mm.

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Sigma 25mm f/1.2 lens patented for Micro Four Thirds cameras

Sigma has patented a 25mm f/1.2 lens designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras.

The patent application is describing a bright wide-angle prime optic developed by Sigma for mirrorless cameras with Micro Four Thirds cameras. If becomes real the Sigma 25mm f/1.2 will be great for users of Micro Four Thirds system.

However we have to underline that this is only the patent application, so don’t expect the product become available on the market in the near future.

It is also mentioned that Sigma has most likely designed this optic for Olympus. More details about the Sigma 25mm f/1.2 lens can be found below.  … Continue reading

First Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens reviews available online

First Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens reviews published on the web with several sample images and hands-on video tests.

Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN optic which is designed to use on mirrorless cameras for Sony E-mount and Micro Four Thirds systems combines an amazing image quality with a lightweight and compact design. The latest addition to the Contemporary series is a prime lens with a 30mm focal length and a maximum aperture of f/1.4.

We have covered the latest Sigma 30mm F1.4 lens reviews and tests. The lens is available for a price tag of $339. … Continue reading

First Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8 Lens Reviews

First Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8 lens reviews now available on the web with new tests, sample images and videos.

The new Batis-series lens 18mm is a super wide optic designed for A7-series full-frame cameras. The lens delivers a 35mm focal length equivalent of approximately 27mm when attached to Sony E-mount mirrorless shooters with APS-c sized image sensors.

The design of the lens is based on Distagon and comprises 11 elements in 10 groups, and four of those elements are aspheric on both sides. Maximum aperture of the Zeiss Batis 18mm lens stands at f/2.8, where the minimum one is f/22.

After the launch of the wide-angle optic several Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8 lens reviews appeared online.  … Continue reading

New Panasonic GX85 reviews

First Panasonic GX85 reviews now available on the web with new tests, sample images and videos.

The Lumix DMC-GX85 is an all-around Micro Four Thirds camera designed for photographers and videographers. We can say it is a stripped down version of the GX8 model.

The mirrorless camera features a 16MP Live MOS sensor, which lacks an optical low-pass filter for increased sharpness. The GX85 is capable of shooting continuously at up to 10 fps with single-shot autofocus, or 6 fps with continuous autofocus, as well as up to 40 fps when using an electronic shutter function. … Continue reading

Fujifilm X100T Successor Camera Coming with 23mm Lens

Fujifilm is rumored to announce the X100T successor camera, as the X200 expected to arrive with the same fixed-lens of 23mm focal length.

There is a big probability of a new X100-series model for this year. Several rumors for the Fujfilm X200 have circulated on the web before. Especially the fixed-lens of the premium camera might be different in terms of focal length, previous gossips say.

Fuji expected to unveil the X100T successor in the name of X200 in the second half of 2016 probably at Photokina 2016 event in September. More details after the break! … Continue reading

Rumors : 72MP Sony A9 prototype camera spotted out in the wild

More information about the next flagship E-mount mirrorless camera leaked on the web. 72MP Sony A9 prototype camera has been spotted out in the wild.

The gossip mill is once again mentioning a camera called Sony Alpha A9 which will be placed above the A7-series. The report comes from a reader at Sonyalpharumors website. An anonymous photographer in New York City claims to have spotted the long-rumored flagship full-frame mirrorless camera out in the wild.

He said that they had seen the 72MP Sony A9 camera in prototype while walking through Battery Park in Manhattan. … Continue reading

Olympus 30mm macro lens scheduled for Photokina 2016

Olympus 30mm macro lens is rumored to be in development which will be released sometime in the second half of 2016.

The new prime optic with macro capabilities will deliver a full-frame equivalent of 60mm and the maximum aperture is currently unknown. If the aperture seems to be fast than this lens might compete against the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 prime model.

As we are approaching the Photokina 2016, the worlds biggest digital imaging event in September. Olympus 30mm macro lens will likely be unveiled during or around the Photokina show. The macro lens for Micro Four Thirds system should become available in the market sometime in the second half of 2016. … Continue reading

Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.4 lenses unveiled with AF support

Samyang has finally unveiled the company’s first lenses that support autofocus. Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.4 are the first two optics comes with autofocus technology that are aimed at Sony FE-mount mirrorless cameras.

The first Samyang lenses with autofocus support will be offered in Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras. Both models are claimed to be fully compatible with contrast-detect as well as phase-detect AF systems.

Both the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.4 lenses come with a filter diameter measuring 67mm and a minimal design. These products have a metal-housing. The focusing system is internal and, as usual, this means that the front element will remain in place when focusing. … Continue reading

Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM lens officially announced

Canon has introduced the EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM lens which is capable of focusing at both infinity and at 1.2x magnification.

The EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro IS STM from Canon is the world’s first autofocus lens which has two user-controllable built-in LED macro lights and offers true 1:1 reproduction.

The macro optic provides a full-frame equivalent of 45mm focal length with a maximum aperture of f/3.5. It uses an STM motor and offers a hybrid image stabilization for a claimed 3.5 stop compensation. … Continue reading