2018 predictions : Nikon M700, Panasonic GH5s, Fuji X-H1, Sony a7 III & a7S III

Tony Northrup has posted 2018 predictions about the possible Canon 5DS-R Mk II, Canon 7D Mk III, Canon 90D, Canon M3, Nikon D650, Nikon D850A, Nikon M700, Sony a5200, Sony a7 III, Sony a7S III, Fujifilm X-H1, Pentax K-1 II, Panasonic GH5-S, Olympus E-M5 Mk III. … Continue reading

Sony A7 III, Sony A7SIII and Sony A77III : 2018 Rumor Recap

The Sony A7 III, Sony A7SIII and Sony A77 III are three big announcements in the year of 2018 for company’s full frame E-mount system.

Sony is working hard for new cameras and lenses. First one in the A7-series is the high-resolution monster Sony A7R III which was announced in October, 2017.

There were rumors floating around for the A7III and A7sIII models but the company didn’t unveil these products as of 2017. So 2018 would be exciting for full frame mirrorlesss system because we might see the Sony A7S III, Sony A7III and the A-mount Sony A77III in the first half. More details after the break!  … Continue reading

Sony A7III announcement might happen in November

Sony A7III announcement date is rumored to take place in the near future as sources claims the mirrorless shooter will be the mini Alpha A9.

The replacement to the A7 Mark II camera to be a trimmed down version of the A9 borrowing many of the features with a lower price tag.

As a result the mirrorless camera will have a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor and the 693-point AF system found on the A9. Let’s look at the details before the Sony A7III announcement happens.

Sony A7III announcement event allegedly happening soon

The Sony Alpha 9 is the company’s first camera aimed at professional wedding, action and sports photographers. It’s a full-frame mirrorless camera that can shoot at 20 frames per second with full autofocus.

Unlike the amazing 20fps electronic shutter on the mirrorless sports camera, the Sony A7III will have only 6fps.

Rumored Sony A7III specifications:

  • 24Mpx
  • 6fps with mechanical shutter
  • ISO up to 51200 (expanded to ISO 204800)
  • 693 phase detection AF (the same Sony A9)
  • minimum focus sensitivity is EV-3
  • 4k 30p recording
  • do not have dual SD card slot

When it comes to the price tag, the mirrorless shooter will probably cost around $2000. The Sony A7III announcement is expected to be sometime in October-November timeframe.

More Sony A7III Features : Same A9 Joystick, Touch Screen, 4K Video

Here are the latest and updated Sony A7III features. According to the list the full frame E-mount camera will have the same Joystick control, Touch Screen and 4K video recording of the Sony A9.

Sony is actively working on a new A7-series shooter which is expected to be called as the Alpha A7III. The announcement of the mirrorless cameras will happen this Fall sometime between October-November.

Even we still don’t know if the upcoming full-frame E-mount camera will have the same body design of the A9 or maintain the current A7II look. Anyway first Sony A7III features already mentions about the 24MP sensor and the 693-point AF system of the A9. More buzz after the break! … Continue reading

Sony A7III Specs Rumored to Feature 24MP Sensor

Sony is rumored to announce the Mark III version of its A7-series full-frame E-mount camera this Fall. The Alpha A7III specs to feature the same 24-megapixel sensor and AF system from the high-end Sony A9 camera.

Sony is planning to release more E-mount bodies by the end of this year. One of them is allegedly the Sony A7 Mark III, which will take the place of the A7II.

According to recent rumors, the A7III specs will have the same sensor and autofocus system of the Alpha A9 but unlike the flagship shooter the A7III will not have a higher burst rate. More details after the break! … Continue reading

Sony A7III release date scheduled for November 2017

The Sony A7III release date is now scheduled for November 2017. Sad news for full frame E-mount shooters. According to recent rumors the camera is delayed and will start shipping this Fall.

Sony is planning to release more E-mount bodies by the end of this year. One of them is allegedly the Sony A7 Mark III, which will take the place of the A7II.

The A7 was succeeded by the A7II at the end of 2014. Trusted sources are reporting that the Sony A7III release date now postponed to November 2017. More details after the break! … Continue reading

Sony A7III camera rumored to be released in Q2 2017

The new Sony A7III camera is rumored to be in development and to be released in Q2 2017 for full-frame E-mount users.

The first generation of Sony full-frame E-mount cameras includes models such as the A7, A7R, and A7S. The company has already released the first model of the second generation which consists of the A7II back in late 2014.

No the rumor mill is claiming that the next Sony A7-series camera will be the A7 Mark III model. The official announcement date is unknown at the moment. On the other hand the source mentions that the camera will start shipping in Q2 2017.  … Continue reading