First Sony A6700 specs listed online

First Sony A6700 specs has been listed on the web as thoughts and expectations. According to the listing the upcoming APS-c E-mount camera to feature improved 24.2MP BSI APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor and BIONZX processor with No Overheating

The high-end A6500 has been unveiled by Sony earlier in the first quarter of 2017 as a mirrorless camera designed to replace the A6300. The A6500 delivered a much-needed boost to autofocus performance with the company’s Fast Hybrid AF system.

Sony has a schedule of this products and introduce a new version every year. An A6700 update looks promising in 2018. Let’s talk about the Sony A6700 specs more! … Continue reading

Sony a7R III Scored 100 Points : Best mirrorless full-frame camera

DxOMark has just published their sensor review of the Sony A7R III. The mirrorless camera ties the Nikon D850 as the best full-frame camera they’ve ever tested with a score of 100.

The high-resolution E-mount shooter makes it the highest-scoring mirrorless system camera to date, beating the A7R II by two points. This is also the fourth-highest score ever recorded at DxO. Sony A7R III score beaten only by the sensors in the medium-format Hasselblad X1D-50C and Pentax 645Z, and by the 12Mp full-frame Sony A7S II.

A quick update on the release date of Sony a7R III:.Amazon US will start shipping Sony a7R III mirrorless camera on November 30, 2017.  … Continue reading

Sony A7R III Still a Star Eater

According to recent reports, Sony A7R III full frame mirrorless camera is still has the star eater issue.

The new Sony a7R III (AmazonB&HAdorama) combines a high-resolution 42.4 MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor with impressive shooting speeds at up to 10 fps with full AF/AE tracking, as well as beautiful image and 4K video quality, wide 15-stop dynamic range, high sensitivity with noise reduction of almost a full stop and more. See the best lenses for Sony A7R III camera.

Just a quick update on the release date of Sony a7R III: Sony Japan released their regular “short supply and unprecedented demand” for the Sony a7R III mirrorless camera which is expected to start shipping in early December, 2017. Amazon US will start shipping Sony a7R III mirrorless camera on November 30, 2017. … Continue reading

Best Lenses for Sony a7R III

Best Lenses for Sony a7R III full frame E-mount mirrorless camera. Here is the full list of recommended Sony a7R III lensesSony A7R III comes with serious speedy technology and is aiming at true sports professionals. It shoots faster than its predecessor.

the new Sony a7R III (AmazonB&HAdorama) combines a high-resolution 42.4 MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor with impressive shooting speeds at up to 10 fps with full AF/AE tracking, as well as beautiful image and 4K video quality, wide 15-stop dynamic range, high sensitivity with noise reduction of almost a full stop and more.

Choosing the right lens is not always an easy task. Here we looked at all lenses from Sony and third party manufacturers and selected the best choices based on affordable price and high image quality. The list of best Lenses for Sony a7R III includes prime and zoom options from wide-angle to telephoto.  … Continue reading

Sony A7r III Shipping Date Postponed to December

Sony Japan has issued a statement apologizing for delays on the shipping date of A7R III (AmazonB&HAdorama camera pre-orders, due to unexpected demand. All pre-orders made before the release date will be delivered by early December.

The high resolution full frame E-mount camera is the  #1 Best Seller in Mirrorless Cameras on Amazon, followed by Sony A6000 and Panasonic GH5.

They say the pre-order numbers are so much higher than estimated. Amazon US will start shipping Sony A7R III on November 30, 2017. … Continue reading

2017 Sony Camera & Lenses Black Friday Deals

Great News! Sony USA has just released the Black Friday deals and sales for its cameras and lenses. You can save up to $500 + free accessories on Sony mirrorless cameras at B&HAmazonAdorama.

Shop early Black Friday deals for the Sony camera and lenses. Meanwhile you can also save up to $200 on Sony lenses at AmazonB&HAdorama. You can always try this link to search available Sony A7R III bundles at Amazon or eBay. This is the best way to find A7 R III in stock online. … Continue reading

Sony A7R III In Stock / Availability Tracker

Sony A7R III In Stock / Availability Tracker. High-resolution Sony A7R III already released, but due to high demand of the full-frame mirrorless, the availability of Sony A7R III is very low.

Since there are too many Sony A7R III pre-orders, first four shipment of A7R III can’t fulfill all the requests. As a result the camera has been out of stock for months, or running out quickly.

So where to find Sony A7R III camera in stock? Here is an in stock / availability tracker for Sony A7r III mirrorless camera. … Continue reading

What to Expect from Sony A7SIII Camera?

Here is our expectation of the popular video-centric mirrorless, Sony A7SIII camera. The A7S-series Sony is one of the most popular interchangeable-lens camera in the company’s lineup.

Undoubtedly, the videographers who need 4K internat recording as well as 120fps slow-motion at 1080p with built-in 5 axis image stabilization, the full-frame E-mount model becomes ideal for their needs.

Sony has been rumored to introduce a new A7-series camera in late 2017. The device in question would be the third model that would be the replacement of Sony A7SII. There is no signal of a successor model from the beginning of 2017. In this post you’ll find what we expect from Sony A7SIII camera.

Our expectations about the Sony A7SIII camera

The rumor mill didn’t provide when will be the mirrorless camera become official. As a result Sony A7SIII camera price and release date information remains unknown. First let’s remember the A7SII specs and details.

What to Expect from Sony A7SIII Camera?

Sony A7SII

The A7SII comes packed with a 12.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor with full pixel readout. The mirrorless camera features a sensitivity up to ISO 409600; wide dynamic range; 5-axis image stabilization and internal recording of 4K movies.

Expectations for Sony A7SIII camera

The company is on the verge to announce a new full frame mirrorless camera called the Sony A7SIII. Here are our thoughts and expectations for the A7SIII camera.

  • Same 24-Megapixel Sensor as the Alpha A9
  • Full frame 6K sensor readout
  • Same A9 PDAF
  • 4:2:2 internal 10-bit
  • 4K video at 60fps
  • S-LOG and picture profiles
  • Price below $3,000

We hope the Sony A7SIII camera will arrive in late 2017. Please feel free to relay your comments, or suggestions.

Sony A7III announcement might happen in November

Sony A7III announcement date is rumored to take place in the near future as sources claims the mirrorless shooter will be the mini Alpha A9.

The replacement to the A7 Mark II camera to be a trimmed down version of the A9 borrowing many of the features with a lower price tag.

As a result the mirrorless camera will have a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor and the 693-point AF system found on the A9. Let’s look at the details before the Sony A7III announcement happens.

Sony A7III announcement event allegedly happening soon

The Sony Alpha 9 is the company’s first camera aimed at professional wedding, action and sports photographers. It’s a full-frame mirrorless camera that can shoot at 20 frames per second with full autofocus.

Unlike the amazing 20fps electronic shutter on the mirrorless sports camera, the Sony A7III will have only 6fps.

Rumored Sony A7III specifications:

  • 24Mpx
  • 6fps with mechanical shutter
  • ISO up to 51200 (expanded to ISO 204800)
  • 693 phase detection AF (the same Sony A9)
  • minimum focus sensitivity is EV-3
  • 4k 30p recording
  • do not have dual SD card slot

When it comes to the price tag, the mirrorless shooter will probably cost around $2000. The Sony A7III announcement is expected to be sometime in October-November timeframe.

More Sony A7III Features : Same A9 Joystick, Touch Screen, 4K Video

Here are the latest and updated Sony A7III features. According to the list the full frame E-mount camera will have the same Joystick control, Touch Screen and 4K video recording of the Sony A9.

Sony is actively working on a new A7-series shooter which is expected to be called as the Alpha A7III. The announcement of the mirrorless cameras will happen this Fall sometime between October-November.

Even we still don’t know if the upcoming full-frame E-mount camera will have the same body design of the A9 or maintain the current A7II look. Anyway first Sony A7III features already mentions about the 24MP sensor and the 693-point AF system of the A9. More buzz after the break! … Continue reading