Canon patent for 30mm F2.8 DO lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras

Canon patent for 30mm F2.8 DO lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras

Canon has patented for an optical formula that appears for a 30mm F2.8 DO lens designed for company’s future full-frame mirrorless camera.

From the patent application we can see that Canon is working on a new prime optic with a maximum aperture of f/2.8. If becomes available, it will be aimed at Canon EOS-M mirrorless cameras with full-frame image sensors. We can also say the upcoming 30mm F2.8 DO will be a new prime model with DO featuring diffractive optics.

Canon lenses which feature the diffractive optical (DO) are smaller and lighter compared to the same focal length lenses but the price becomes generally higher when the lenses have optical formual for DO.

Canon 30mm F2.8 DO lens patent

Canon patent for 30mm F2.8 DO lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras

The rumors about a professional Canon mirrorless camera have been circulating on the web for many years. It is already mentioned that a Canon full frame mirrorless camera is in the works. The camera is expected to become official at Photokina 2016 event with two other EOS series mirrorless models. There are also so many patents filed for a possible full-frame MILC.

Here are the details of the patent translated by machine.

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-102851
    • Published 2016.6.2
    • Filing date 2014.11.27
  • Example
    • Zoom ratio 1.00
    • Focal length 31.35
    • F-number 2.86
    • Angle of view 34.61
    • Image height 21.64
    • Overall length of the lens 85.29
    • BF 29.99
  • Canon patent
    • Positive ShiboTadashi
    • Diffractive optical element (the second group of aperture stop image side)
    • Correct axial chromatic aberration and lateral chromatic aberration of the near-infrared light
  • [0001] The present invention relates to a magnification chromatic aberration correction of the imaging optical system used in a near infrared region from the visible region is suitable especially monitoring optical system.

This is all the details about the Canon 30mm F2.8 DO lens patent. Stay tuned with Mirrorless Times as we’ll pass more information about the Canon full-frame mirrorless camera too.