Fujifilm X100T camera listed as discontinued, X100F coming?

Fujifilm X100T camera listed as discontinued, X100F coming?

Fujifilm X100T camera listed as discontinued at the official Fujifilm Japan website. Even the premium fixed-lens shooter is still available in the US at Amazon store,

After the Fuji X-T10 and X-T1 cameras were listed as discontinued the X100T model joins the party and sure users expect a new model.

There were rumors floating around for a possible X100T successor camera. We didn’t see a replacement for this series at Photokina event.

Fujifilm X100T camera listed as discontinued

The X100 series will gain another member soon. Fujifilm is allegedly working on a new X100T successor camera. It is rumored to be named as Fujifilm X100F. Fuji lovers can wait for the early 2017 for good surprises.

Fujifilm X100T is the top X-series compact model announced back in 2015. Now the successor model is in the talks as the new camera will not be named Fujifilm X200 as previously rumored. It will be called as Fujifilm X100F. As expected it will have an APS-C-sized image sensor.

The current Fujifilm X100 line consists of three models. The X100X100S and X100T features the same Fujinon 23mm F2 fixed lens. The “F” designation in the name is speculating to be the fourth model in the series.

Hopefully the new model might get some of the latest sensor from the new X-Pro2 and X-T2 models. So prepare for a 24MP sensor available on the X-Pro2!

Fuji is currently focusing on the X-T2 camera. They had to deal with a shortage of X-Trans III sensor because of Kumamoto earthquake in Japan. That’s why it is being said that Fujifilm X100F will be released in early 2017. Stay tuned with us and we’ll give more information about this exciting camera.