Full Panasonic GH5 Specifications Leaked

Full Panasonic GH5 Specifications Leaked

Full Panasonic GH5 specifications has been leaked online ahead of the official announcement. The flagship MILC will replace the current GH4 camera which has been introduced back in February, 2014.

Panasonic will unveil the video-centric shooter at Photokina 2016 event. It is expected to be a pre-announcement and the Micro Four Thirds camera will be released in early 2017.

Now more Panasonic GH5 specifications surfaced on the web including the 4K and 6K video recording. 

Panasonic GH5 specifications to include 20MP, 4K at 60fps and 6K at 30fps

A big surprise is about the sensor of the MFT camera. There were so much rumors floating around about the sensor. Now the rumor mill claims that the sensor will be in 20-megapixel resolutions.

Full Panasonic GH5 Specifications Leaked

The camera will have no crop for 4K video. This means that when recording 4K videos, it will use the whole sensor. Currently the GH4 uses 2.3x crop for 4K and this is only a part of the sensor.

The GH5 will also feature 4:2:2 10 bits internal recording. If true this is big news for professional filmmakers. This means that the MFT camera will produce very accurate color reproduction, especially with skin tones. On the other hand it also means much better LOG profile shooting. See the combined Panasonic GH5 specifications leaked so far.

Updated GH5 Specs

  • 20MP sensor
  • 4:2:2 10 bits internal recording
  • Dual SD card slots
  • no crop 4K
  • 4K photo stills 60fps
  • 6K 30fps
  • ISO 1 stop better

Finally the high-end video centric mirrorless shooter is expected to record 4K videos at higher frame rates such as 60p and 6K videos at 30fps.

These are the GH5 specifications posted so far. Panasonic will hold a product launch event on September 19. They will announce the new G80, the LX100 successor and might display the GH5 prototype.