Latest Sony A6500 reviews roundup

Latest Sony A6500 reviews roundup

In this article, we are trying to summarize the latest Sony A6500 reviews on many different internet sites.

The Sony A6500 features the new touchscreen LCD and 5-axis image stabilization technology. The successor to the A6300 and the new flagship when it comes to E-mount mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensors. The front-end LSI delivers quicker image processing. As a result, the device shoots up to 11fps in continuous mode for up to 307 frames.

Let’s not go any further and let’s take a look at the latest Sony A6500 reviews published recently. 

Sony A6500 reviews now available on the web

Patrick Murphy-Racey published the very first review for the mirrorless camera. He says that the Sony A6500 is by far the best sports action E-Mount camera Sony has made to date.

The mirrorless shooter achieved an impressive score of 85% and earned Silver Award from the Dpreview experts. See their conclusion below:

For the money, you get a light-weight, weather-sealed body with excellent still image quality. Excellent 4K video quality, a degree of in-body stabilization and the ability to photograph high speed action with ease. And if you take the time to fully customize the camera, you can really make it sing. Simply put, as an all-arounder, its pretty hard to beat what the a6500 offers, but as an engaging artistic tool. The a6500 may still leave some wanting more.

Imaging Resource published their full in-depth review for Alpha A6500 camera

Speed and usability are the two main focuses of the A6500. The camera’s new processing capabilities and touchscreen functionality are a testament to that. Add in all of the features it shares with the A6300 and you have a recipe for an excellent all-around APS-C mirrorless camera. The proof is in the pudding, however, so we will need to put the A6500 through its paces.

Sony a6500 reviews – IBIS, Low-Light and AF

Unboxing video

Techart Pro Adapter working on Sony A6500

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