Sony A7III Specs to Feature 4K Video and Joystick Control?

Sony A7III Specs to Feature 4K Video and Joystick Control?

More details about the Sony A7III specs list has been leaked on the web hinting that the full frame E-mount camera will sport 4K video recording and joystick control.

Previously it has been reported that the A7II successor will have low-resolution sensor, which would be a downside. On the other hand it will have high-performance AF, continuous shooting and ISO sensitivity.

Latest rumors indicates that the Sony A7III specs list will include low-resolution sensor with 4K video and joystick control. Now let’s get into details. 

More Sony A7III specs list leaked on the web

We can add that the aforementioned autofocus system will be among the quickest on the market, rivaling the ones offered by the DSLR cameras. The A7 Mark III will have an impressive burst rate around 20fps.

The next Sony A7-series camera will be bigger than the current generation. On the other hand the body will not be bigger than the Canon 1D X.

Sony A7III Specs to Feature 4K Video and Joystick Control?

Rumored Sony A7III specs

  • 24.3-megapixel image sensor
  • 4K video recording
  • Improved AF
  • Burst speed around 20fps
  • A fully articulated touchscreen
  • AA filter or global shutter in silent mode.
  • Faster EVF
  • Joystic control
  • Better weather sealing
  • Dual card slots
  • Price around $2400

You might remember the previous rumors stating that the A7III camera is in development. The camera rumored to be released in Q2 2017.

The price for the Sony A7III should be between $2200 and $2500 depending on the current product range and features leaked so far. Meanwhile, the Sony A7II has not had its price decreased at Amazon, as it continues to be available for a price below $1,500 at Amazon.

This is all for Sony A7III specs. Stay tuned with us for more information.

via SAR, DCN