Sony Unveils Digital Filter Camera App

Sony Unveils Digital Filter Camera App

Sony has unveiled a new Digital Filter Camera App for its mirrorless and high-end compact cameras. The new app allows you divide your sensor into up to 3 sections and capture each of those parts differently. It’s like a graduated ND filter built right into your camera’s software.

According to the company, this application is perfect for scenes containing vastly different brightness levels, such as in backlit landscape scenes.

Digital Filter adds greater flexibility to a similar existing app called Sky HDR with ease of use and image quality. It is priced at $29.99. Those who own a copy of Sky HDR can purchase a Digital Filter license for $19.99.

Sony Announces Digital Filter Camera App

The biggest feature difference between Sky HDR and Digital Filter is that the new app supports merging sections of up to three different images.

The new Digital Filter application is available for select Sony cameras :

  • Alpha a7
  • Alpha a7 II
  • Alpha a7R
  • Alpha a7R II
  • Alpha a7s
  • Alpha a7s II
  • Alpha a6000
  • Alpha a6300
  • Alpha a6500
  • RX100 III
  • RX100 IV
  • RX100 V
  • RX10 II
  • RX10 III
  • RX1R II