Panasonic G9 to be Announced with 80MP Shooting Mode and 60 fps

Panasonic G9 to be Announced with 80MP Shooting Mode and 60 fps

Panasonic G9 will be the next high-end Micro Four Thirds camera. The mirrorless camera is rumored to be announced with 80MP Shooting Mode and 60 fps.

The _upcoming_ Panasonic G9 is said to have the same photo shooting capabilities of the video-centric Lumix GH5 camera. On the other hand video specs of the might be different from the GH5. The specs list will also include a second display on top of the camera apart from the LCD.

The release date for this Panasonic G9 will be after the Christmas by the beginning of January.

Panasonic G9 to be announced by the end of 2017

Meanwhile for the resolution of the sensor DCN expects the 20-megapixel on the GX8. See below what sources has posted.

It will have the same photo quality and photo functions like the GH5. It will not have the same video options. It will have a second display on the top like DSLR cameras. I don’t know whether the top display will be LCD or OLED. The new camera is rumored to cost around €1,200 (around $1,400).

Rumored Panasonic G9 camera specifications so far.

  • To be announced by the end of this year, available after Christmas
  • Same photo capabilities as the GH5
  • Different video capabilities (compared to the GH5)
  • Second display on top of camera
  • Rumored price: €1,200 (around $1,400)
  • Very fast shooting rate with a large buffer (60 frames burst)
  • 80MB shooting mode – it can stitch multiple pictures (for example 6 pictures can produce 1GB final image)

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