ePhotozine Nikon Z7 review : “Top of the range full frame mirrorless camera”

ePhotozine Nikon Z7 review : “Top of the range full frame mirrorless camera”

ePhotozine published their Nikon Z7 review and they say it offers a top of the range full frame Mirrorless camera.

High-resolution Nikon Z7 full frame mirrorless camera is now shipping from several stores in the US . The camera body-only priced at $3,399. Check at Amazon | B&H Photo | Adorama.

For new users keep in mind that the current Sigma interchangeable lenses for Nikon F mount do not have any issues with general operation when they are used on the Nikon Z7 via FTZ Mount Adapter ($246.95 at AmazonB&HAdorama{.broken_link}). But we can’t say the same thing for Tamron. 

We can see several full in-depth Nikon Z7 reviews on the web. This is one of them and ePhotozine underlines Z7 a good camera and says “it’s clear to see that the Nikon Z series is the future direction for Nikon’s full-frame cameras“. See their verdict below.

Nikon Z7 review : “Top of the range full frame mirrorless camera”

The Nikon Z7 offers a top of the range full frame Mirrorless camera, with the benefits of a more compact camera body (than a similar specification Nikon DSLR such as the D850), as well as benefits of Mirrorless technology, such as a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) electronic viewfinder. You’ll also find fast continuous shooting (9fps from the Z7 and 12fps from the Z6), an electronic shutter, and in-camera image stabilisation (a first for a Nikon ILC).

What’s nice about the Z system, is the introduction of a number of fairly compact lenses, in addition to this, Nikon has published a lens roadmap, so that you can see if future lenses are what you’re looking for. However, there are currently only three lenses available, so for anything else, you will need to use an adapter.

Image quality is excellent, easily matching the D850, with good noise performance, and Nikon’s tried, tested (and loved) colour reproduction. Nikon should have great success with the Z series, and as new lenses (and camera bodies) are introduced the appeal of the system will grow. Its a shame the battery life doesn’t match the Sony A7 Mark III cameras, and there will be people who will find one memory card slot an issue. There will also be those that prefer SD cards due to the wide support for them (for example, built-in card readers in laptops), but with the inclusion of a free XQD card and reader with pre-orders, this is quite easily resolved.

Focus performance is very good, with a high success rate, much improved compared to a DSLR, thanks to on-sensor phase detection focus points. The lack of eye detection focus will be disappointing to those who have used it and seen the benefits, such as having every single portrait photo correctly focused on a subjects eye.

Of the two most recent full-frame mirrorless camera announcements (ie Nikon and Canon) for cameras that are actually available to buy, the Nikon Z7 (and Z6) cameras offer the most appealing package, with an interesting and good looking lens roadmap, as well as performance to compete with the Sony A7 range of cameras. However, Sony has a clear advantage with 30 full-frame lenses available and a range of camera bodies (with dual card slots and double the battery life) thanks to having a 5-year headstart with FF Mirrorless cameras.

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